Preview of Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is the newest version of Screets Live Chat which is more clever and stronger. It is perfect for "small businesses" and "startups". Pay once and use it forever on single domain.

More powerful and still lightweight with ~1kb JavaScript file...

New Look and Feel.

We're rethinking user experience and re-designing user interface from scratch including chat box and chat console. Now it is lightweight, new and user-friendly 😀

Wolf attracts more visitors to get in touch with you ❤️


Lone Wolf makes it easier to talk with your visitor. Now you have two screens. Who said you can’t manage two visitors at the same time 💃😊

Talk either in fields or mountains.

Works Everywhere.

Add your chat box anywhere. You just need to copy/paste snippet anywhere you want even in your HTML, PHP or Python website, etc… 😎 Both PHP and WordPress editions support this feature.

Note that “WordPress Edition” requires a WordPress installation for chat console where you answer your visitors.

Talk with Returning Visitors.

Visitors now see their own old conversations on their return. Wolf lets them continue chat where they left off 😌.

Smarter when Operators are Offline.

If all operators are offline, your Wolf offers visitors to provide their emails. So you will be able to contact them by email after you guys are free again 😌


First version of Lone Wolf is built on that word: Beauty. We’re inspired by both new Apple’s 2017 user-interface designs and Intercom’s approach to chatting.


Your Wolf is not only smart, also fast! First of everything, it is real-time! And now it works in iframe not to hurt your page performance. Yes, it loads itself once your page fully loaded.

Beauty in Code.

We love coding as much as designing 😀 It is clean from PHP to JavaScript that will help developers to read and hook the source code easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lone Wolf?

Lone Wolf is new update of Live Chat, not a new product..

What's changed?

Everything. We wrote the core from scratch and rethought the User Experience as well.

What's next for Live Chat?

We have done with the new core. It means we are ready to add more exciting features.

Is update free?

Yes. If you have a valid license from Envato, you can update your LiveChat v2 free.

Is it good idea to buy LiveChat 2 now?

It's up to you. If you're interested in Live Chat 3, you might consider purchase LC2 today from here. Because prices will be updated.

What about Chat X?

As our team was thinking of this update, we got the cool idea for making those two plugins twins! We decided that both plugins will have the same name but different preferences. How? You’ll have to wait for LC3 to find out!

Will this release have a mobile application?

Not yet. However, the iOS and Android applications will come after release..

When do you release?

Once we have done.

Try Beta version.

First, don't install Lone Wolf on your production website yet. It is still in BETA. However, you can give it a try on your test WordPress site.

Download ‐ 3.0.0-beta1 · 2.34 MB

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Ask anything!

We'll really appreciate if you share your thoughts and concerns about Lone Wolf. Also feel free to email us if you have any questions, need help, or have a general inquiry.
For support questions, please include Screets API key.

Illustration by GaudiBuendia.